Current Drive 2019

13th Annual Holiday Care Package Drive

We will be collecting items for our Sunday December 8th package assembly.

Collection dates: Nov 1 – Dec 1
Assembly Day: December 8 (Sunday), 9:30-2pm

PLEASE NOTE! This December only the Assembly Day is on SUNDAY.
Location: Napa College Gymnasium
Sign in opens at 9:30 am
Event begins at 10:00 am

Volunteering on assembly day
Assembly day is a great time for family and friends to gather and help build care packages sent to our troops. No need to pre-register, you can show up anytime. We start our event at 10am and the last packages is built around 1pm. All ages are welcome.

For those bring small children we have a card making table where they can be creative. We ask that if children, between 7-10, want to make packages they be accompanied by an adult along the line. The line can move quite fast and getting through 1200 packages can take a while.

Assembly Set Up
Saturday 7th, 5-8:00 pm
We also need help setting up on Saturday night for the big day.
* Storage load up and drop off of care package products
* taping boxes
* Decorating and hanging banners
We’d love to have your help.
Please contact us if you are interested at

Volunteers Behind the line
UPDATE: All line positions have been filled.

If you have reserved a spot behind the line, check-in the day of assembly is at 9:15 am. We need all line workers checked in by 9:30 in order to have time for them to be placed and briefed. We cannot reserve your spot after 9:30.
(Please note: If you have helped behind the line in the past and would like to do so again you MUST pre-register with us before the event if there is still spaces available. We cannot guarantee you a spot if you walk in the day of of the event. We appreciate your understanding.)

Our Top 3 needs

  • Handy wipes, travel size (must have)
  • Deodorant (must have)
  • Magazines & DVD’s (not crucial)

Some collection ideas!

  • Dollar Tree and 99 Cent stores are great for deodorant and Hand wipes
  • 2nd Hand stores are great for DVD’s
  • Doctors offices and Care repair waiting rooms are great to collect magazines

Most Needed items 

  • Crackers cookies
  • Nuts, Trail mix
  • Beef Jerky
  • Cocoa/Oatmeal packets
  • Fruit snacks
  • Coffee Singles
  • Ramen
  • Gum/Mints
  • Sunblock (travel size)
  • Deodorant
  • First Aid items (Anti-fungal foot cream, Muscle rub, Anti itch cream, antibiotic ointment)
  • Beanie Babies
  • Boot Socks (dark colors)
  • Eye drops
  • Cough Drops
  • Batteries – AA or AAA (Alkaline ONLY)
  • Shampoo Conditioner (travel)
  • Q-Tips
  • Razors (3-5 blade)
  • Handy wipes (travel size)
  • Air fresheners
  • Odor eaters for boots
  • Magazines/DVD (comedy preferred, gently used)
  • T-Shirts – new (M-XXL)
  • Written Thank You cards
  • 3″-4″ Christmas stockings – nothing larger
  • Candy Canes (5-6 inches)
  • Hand written Thank You Cards

There is a continuous need for…

  • Ramen
  • Drink mix Singles
  • Condiments (hot sauce) & Sauce Packets
  • Granola Bars
  • Chapstick
  • Peanut butter (snack size)
  • Recreational items
  • Monetary donations to cover shipping costs

Donation Site drop off locations

  • Lobby of Care Network (the old Community Outreach office) – 3448 Villa Ln, suite 102
  • Queen of the Valley, main Lobby
  • Queen of the Valley, Outside the Cafeteria
  • Herman Family Center – Queen of the Valley
  • Neilson Construction – 147 Camino Oruga (29 & 12, off N. Kelly Rd
  • Napa Senior Center – 1500 Jefferson St
  • Napa Valley Orthopedic – 3273 Claremont Way #100
  • Napa Valley College Veterans Center
  • Golden Bagel – 3240 Jefferson
  • Mechanics Bank – 700 Trancas
  • Bank of Marin – 2007 Redwood Rd
  • Bank of Marin – 1715 2nd St
  • Bank of Marin – 600 Trancas
  • Genova Deli – 1550 Trancas
  • Synergy – 3421 Villa Ln
  • HealthQuest – 3175 California Blvd

Other areas:

  • Yountville Community Center
  • Petaluma – Bank of Marin – 1371 N McDowell Blvd, #100