COVID-19 Face Cover Sewing Drive

Wearing a mask when you need to be out of your house is an act of community solidarity, showing people around you that you care about protecting them as much as keeping yourself protected. And it’s an empowering chance to exercise creativity and personality during a time of uncertainty.
– Enkhbayar Munkh-Erdene
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The CDC is now recommending that everyone wear a face cover when leaving their home to help prevent transmission of coronavirus. We have seen the incredible response by people all over the valley sewing face covers to share with our healthcare providers. Now we need your help making face covers and distributing them to all members of our community, in order to help flatten the curve and keep Napa County as healthy as possible.
Operation with Love from Home is partnering with Napa Valley COAD and Napa Valley CanDo to sew, collect and distribute 25,000 face covers at locations across the valley, in a safe and easy way.
We will prioritize distribution of face covers to those who are at higher risk based on frequent contact with the public and based on age or and underlying health conditions.

Please use this downloadable flyer for more information.

Goal 25,000 Face Covers

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Quick links for face cover drive

PDF of drive flyer
Sign up to Stitch face covers, or call/text 707-320-3739
Request a face cover,, or 707-563-1964
CDC face cover tutorial
Request or donate sewing supplies, or call/text 707-320-3739
Request a face cover pickup
Volunteer drivers for pick-ups

Safety guidelines while making face covers

Please follow these safety recommendations:

  • Wash hands
  • Use only new clean fabric
  • Wear a face mask while making face covers.  

Sewing Template guidelines

Below are several different options to sewing face covers.

1. Basic face cover

Face Cover instructions created by Molly from Nostalgia of Napa

2. CDC Guidelines for face covers

How to use and make a face cover by the CDC. This also includes a no-sew version

3. Providence Health guidelines

Providence lists several links on their site on how to make face covers for community members, including a video tutorial and pattern. See under the section titled “Resources for community members who sew“.

4. Approved pattern by the Emergency Design Collective

There are specific guidelines for sewing these face covers and the PDF below gives full details. Page 11 of the PDF has links that lead to the specific instructions. There is also a video on the Emergency Design Collective Website.

PPE Makers Guide

5.Napa County Guidelines in English and Espanol

Napa County Health Officer Recommendations For Wearing Face Coverings

Recomendaciones del Oficial de Salud del Condado de
Napa para el uso de cubrebocas

Pick-up and Drop-off Options

Once face covers are done, drop-offs and pick-ups are each Saturday beginning April 11th.

  • Pick-up – Contact Napa Valley CanDo using this form for a pick-up at your front door, 9am-11am every Saturday.
  • Drop-off – Op With Love storage parking lot: Storage Pro, 626 California Blvd, Napa, 9am-12pm every Saturday.

Distribution of face covers

Please contact us at to request face covers. We will prioritize distribution of face covers to those who are at higher risk based on frequent contact with the public and based on age or and underlying health conditions.

For more information and inquiries

Napa: Liz Alessio, 707-363-0043,